Do you love cake?

​Are you fed up of always missing out?

Do you follow an alternate diet, such as Gluten or Dairy free or Vegan? or know someone who does?

​Welcome, You have arrived at the right place.

​Im Val, Im Completely Caked and I believe ​STRONGLY believe Everyone​​​ deserves to have great cake!

My Mum introduced me to my first love, cake. We would spend Saturday mornings making cake and puddings for Sunday tea and the week ahead. A birthday meant a homemade cake, a fete meant a cake stall donation, the summer carnival meant competitions to be entered and we had a village hall that needed constant fundraising to keep it open.

This love affair continued through my teenage years and into adult hood. Cakes were taken to sleepovers, hangovers were cured with chocolate cake, student housing was challenging but not impossible and in my first job no celebration was complete without cake. I could go on but you get the idea, I love cake.

So when I discovered I had to follow a Gluten Free diet I was heart broken, how would I manage without baking and without cake?

My first few attempts at Gluten Free baking were horrible and I started to resign myself to a life of dodgy supermarket cake, but I came back to it with fresh enthuiasm and I soon figured out the key.

But it got me thinking, if I was missing good cake so much then surely other people were too, and not just those who have to follow a gluten free diet, what about those who are dairy free, or vegan?

And the rest is history, Completely Caked was born, specialists in Free-From cake, firmly believing Everyone Deserves to eat Great Cake.

​I have being mulling over for the last couple of years an idea I have had about wanting to teach​ people to make their own great Free-From cakes. This is finally coming to life this year. We will be introducing The Recipe ​Box.

Click here to find out how we can help you to make your very own fabulous gluten free or vegan cakes.

Check out our ​​​Markets and Festivals page to see where we are next and come and say Hello! ​

Val x

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