Smooth and Silky Creme Patissiere

By Val | Dairy Free

Jun 05
Make smooth and silky creme patissiere | Baking Help from The Recipe Box

I’m not sure where to start the creme patissiere conversation. Do I need to talk about what it is? Or should I start with what makes it different to custard? Or just dive straight in with all the wonderful things you can make with creme patissiere, a.k.a pastry cream and a.k.a. creme pat. I really don’t know where to start. I don’t want to sound patronising but I’m sure there are some people who have no idea what I’m talking about. So, I am going to talk like you have no idea what I am talking about, and those that do can skim the post until they reach the tips and the recipe. Sound good? Great.

What is Creme Patissiere

Creme Patissiere is the posh French name for Pastry Cream, which is a fancy way of saying thick custard. Have you noticed that? Top chefs and cooks like to make these things sound luxurious, complicated, indulgent and something we can only dream of making. I mean, creme patissiere makes me think if those stunning French bakeries with the intricate cakes and desserts in the windows, compared to thick custard, which makes me think of dodgy school puddings. There is nothing luxurious sounding about thick custard. Creme Pat is a thick custard, one that sets, but it’s a bloody good thick custard. It’s a high end thick custard. It’s tastes better than what was served over your jam roly poly.

What Makes It Different To Creme Anglaise?

Maybe it’s just the french language, because even Creme Anglaise sounds better than custard, and creme Anglaise is simply the french term for English custard. So, what’s the difference between creme Anglaise and Patissiere? It’s cornflour. Yep, thats all the difference is. Custard is a runny, pouring sauce. It’s thicken by the egg yolks because the end result is only needed to be thicker than water but still pourable. Creme Patissiere is thicken with cornflour, as the require result is a thick custard that will set fairly firm. I have no idea why these things are made to sound more complicated than they are but they are. But, now you can sound incredibly professional when you talk about dessert being served with creme Anglaise or that your profiterole is filled with creme patissiere. Because, trust me, once they taste your custard, is any form, they will think you cook like a professional.

What Can You Use Creme Patissiere for?

It has loads of uses. It can be used as a filling for profiteroles and chocolate eclairs, as well as the base in a fruit flan or tart, as well as the filling in a cream pie, or as the filling in Manchester Tart or as part of a trifle. I have even seen it used as the base for making ice cream. ( I think I might have to give this ago) Once you have made and tasted this, you will be finding plenty of desserts to use it in.

Gluten Free Creme Patissiere

Let’s start with a ‘regular’ recipe as it’s naturally gluten free. This is the full on dairy version. My tops tips to a great tasting cream are:

  • Use Whole Milk
  • Use Double Cream
  • Use local free range eggs
  • Use real unsalted butter
  • Use the vanilla bean
  • Use vanilla paste

Dairy Free Creme Patissiere

Please don’t get fazed by looking at my suggestions above, it is possible for dairy free cream to taste just as good as the dairy version. Again, it comes down to the ingredients you use. My top tips are:

  • Use a high fat milk like Soya or Almond
  • Use a rich cream like Emlea Plant Double or Coconut Cream
  • Use local free range eggs
  • Use hard margarine like Stork Blocks or Vegan Block
  • Use a Vanilla Bean
  • Use vanilla paste
  • Add the salt
  • Add the turmeric ( it’s a colour thing not a flavour thing)

Vegan Creme Patissiere

As I said above, please don’t think your going to get an inferior taste in your creme pat. It’s possible to get the same rich creamy silky taste without using eggs. It all comes down to your ingredient choices. My top tips are:

  • Use a high fat milk like soya or almond
  • Use a rich cream like Emlea Plant Double or a thick Coconut Cream
  • Use a hard margarine like Stork Block or Vegan Block.
  • Use a vanilla bean
  • Use vanilla paste
  • Add the salt
  • Add the turmeric ( for colour not flavour)

If you make this using rice or coconut milk and a runny single cream, swapping the vanilla bean and paste for extract and using your soft spread, you will get an inferior flavour. The best flavour comes from using the right ingredients.

Tips For Making It – All Types.

  • Slice the vanilla bean in half and allow it’s flavour to be infused into your milk and cream while it comes to the boil.
  • When you remove the bean, use a sharp knife to scrap the seeds out and add them to the custard.
  • Bring the milk and the cream to a boil, slowly, stirring continuously. Don’t try to make this in a rush or while trying to make something else. Give this the attention and time it deserves.
  • When its made push it through a sieve to remove any lumps. Don’t forget to scrape the underside of the sieve. This additional step creates the silky smoothness of the cream.
  • When you put the cream into a bowl to cool, cover the top of it with cling film. Not the top of the bowl, the actual top of the cream. This stops any skin from forming.

The main things I hope you take away from this is that using the right ingredients and taking your time is the best ways to make a silky smooth creme pat.

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I talk a lot about a great recipe on it’s own doesn’t make a great cake it also needs the right ingredients and the right techniques. Creme Pat reinforces this. The recipe on it’s own would not be enough, to make it the best one you have ever made, you need to use the right ingredients and to follow the tips.

All thats left is for you to decide what dessert you want your creme pat to be part of. If you are looking to make a cream pie or a fruit tart and are going to be making a shortcrust pastry shell, check out my top tips before you go any further.

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Happy Baking

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