Gluten and Dairy Free New Years Eve Treat Box

When we introduced our Treat Boxes last year we never expected them to take off the way that they did – so thank you so much for all of your support. I played around last year with lots of different styles of cakes, and boxes from each of our ranges to get a feel for what people want, and I think I now have a much clearer idea.

So, instead on one week being gluten and dairy free and another week bein gluten free and vegan, I have decided every Treat Box selection will be 6 gluten and a dairy free options and 6 gluten free and vegan options. That way you can plan in advance which Saturday’s you would like to order a box – such as ready for a birthday or to send someone as a gift, knowing that weeks box will be suitable.

Treat Boxes are usually delivered 3 out of 4 weekends each month, but this may change depending when our regular markets get up and running again.

Click over to the Treat Box page to find out when the next few Treat Boxes will be – I will try to get organised enough to add the flavour lists in advance, so you can book in early to guarantee a delivery.

Just some information for anybody who has just discovered us, and needs some gluten free cake in their life. Our Treat Boxes are delivered most Saturdays between 9am and 3pm to front doors between Carmarthen and Port Talbot. Our delivery Information page contains a map showing our delivery zones and charges if you want to check out that we do deliver to you. Each Monday before a delivery I post the flavours on Facebook, so you can choose which 6 cakes you would like, for just £10. To order, either email me or send me a message on Facebook with your cake choices, the delivery address and your email address. I then send over an online payment link to you to pay and then I turn up at your door on a Saturday with your cakes., and the weekend suddenly looks brighter.

Val x