​Our Special Cupcakes are a step up from our Classic Cupcakes, but they are so worth it necessary for special occasions.

They are the same light sponge and silky frosting but these beauties have a hidden filling. It could be a creamy choclate ganache, a tangy fruit curd, a sweet caramel or something different. It all depends on the flavour you order.

These have a minimum order of 6 and a minimum flavour order of 6. So choose ​your flavour wisely!

A box of 6 costs £16.      A box of 12 costs £27

Available across all of our ranges. 

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free and Gluten Free and Vegan.

Flavours Available:

Velvety Vanilla ( Filled With a White Chocolate Ganache)

Lemon ( Filled with Lemon Curd)

Cookies and Cream ( Filled with Oreo Cream)

White Chocolate and Raspberry ( Filled with a Raspberry Curd)

Chocolate ( Filled with a Chocolate Ganache)

Chocolate and Hazelnut ( Filled with a Chocolate Hazelnut Cream)

Chocolate Orange ( Filled with an Orange Curd)

Minty Choc ( Filled with a Minty Chocolate Ganache)

Chocolate and Raspberry ( Filled With a Raspberry Curd)

Coconut and Lime ( Filled with a Lime Curd)

​Butterscotch ( Filled with a Butterscotch Sauce)

The Only Difficult Bit Is Choosing A Flavour!