Aug 16

Piece of Cake Easy bake free-from cake mixes

Piece of Cake

Easy Bake Gluten Free or Vegan Cake mixes.

I get told so many stories on our market of free-from baking fails, I hear all about your dry and crumbly cakes as well as your heavy dense ones, not forgetting the ones that dont rise at all. These are the stories from those that are brave enough to try, a lot tell me they just don’t know where to begin.
I was exactly the same. I had spent years perfecting my ‘mainstream’ baking skills and let me tell you, I could whip up a rather tasty cake, but then I found out I needed to follow a Gluten free diet, and my heart broke. I put away my scales and my mixer for over a year. If I couldn’t have’normal’cake then I didn’t want a poor substitute.With time my attitude changed and once again out came my scales and whisk.
I totally get where you are and the best place you can start is with a pouch of Piece of Cake, they will help that first step be a success. They are put together very simply and will help you grow your confidence.

Piece of Cake - Easy Bake Lemon Drizzle Cake Mix - Vegan and Gluten Free options |

We are introducing the range with two flavours, Chocolate Brownies and Lemon Drizzle. We chose these two as they are rather forgiving and most people are either chocolate or lemon fans.

The Vegan Cake Mix Range

The Vegan range introduces two essential vegan baking concepts – the flax-egg and vegan ‘buttermilk’. The Vegan Lemon Drizzle is as moist and tangy as the Chocolate Brownies are rich and fudgy.

The Gluten Free Cake Mix Range

You will not find any sandpaper textures in this range. They have been served to unsuspecting people before now and no-one had any idea that they were gluten free – exactly how a gluten free cake should be.
Our mixes are created from our recipes that we use on our market stall, and have been given the seal of approval from so many of our customers.
The Pouches contain no artifical anything nor any preservatives, they do contain real ingredients –  real lemon, real chocolate, lots of real chocolate -18% in the Vegan Brownies and a whopping 37% in the Gluten free ones!

Gluten Free or Vegan Lemon Drizzle Cake Mix - Simple Ingredients |

They are also made using real ingredients, ingredients that you will find in your store cupboard or fridge, such as Dairy Free milk and spread and eggs.
Go on, be brave, take the plunge and bake your first Gluten Free or Vegan cake
We would love to hear and see piccies of how you got on, so please so pop over to our Facebook or Instagram page and share with us, you never know your cake could inspire someone else to take the first step.

Vegan or Gluten Free Easy Bake Cake Mix Pouches