Community: Our Online Baking Club

Community has never felt as important as it does right now. It matters that you have someone to speak to, someone to chat to, someone to help, someone’s opinion to seek, someone to guide you. I think until recently a lot of us had become a little blasé and taken for granted human connections and human interactions.

It’s been so amazing to see how everyone has reconnected with their communities again. How they are are helping out neighbours and strangers. People are thinking of other people again. Everyone gets so caught up in their lives they don’t usually have a minute to think of others. I hope the current togetherness can remain after life gets back to normal.

I am lucky to have spent ‘lockdown’ under the same roof as my husband and 2 children. I know not everyone is this lucky. Some have had to endure lockdown all on their own. This is something that I cannot even imagine.

This is why I knew my new venture had to have a community group to it. Online communities are a lifeline to so many people, they give so many more people the chance to reach out and connect with others.

More Than Recipes

The Recipe Box Bakers is about more than a place to share recipes, it’s an online baking club.

And, who wouldn’t want to be part of a baking club? Especially one you can enjoy in your pyjamas.

So, what happens in The Recipe Box Bakers?

Each Month is Different!

Best of British Theme in The Recipe Box Facebook Community

Each month there is a theme and the wholes months activities, challenges, guides and questions are all centred around this theme.

At the beginning on the month a challenge is announced and you have until the end of the month to post your entry. The entries are judged and the winner gets free access to that months class, which is also based on the theme.

Every week there is a Recipe of The Week for people to try, any techniques needed get discussed and we shine our spotlight on a baking ingredient.

Add this to some funny quotes and facts, I’m hoping this is a place where you will find friendship and a sense of community.

This months ( May) theme is Best of British and coming up before the end of the year we have:

  • Afternoon Tea
  • Summer Baking
  • Ice Cream flavours
  • Old School puddings
  • Autumn Baking
  • Vegetable Baking ( I’m sure putting vegetables in cakes makes it healthy, right?)
  • Christmas.

Benefits of an Online Club

An online club comes with all of the benefits of an actual club. Benefits like sharing your hobby with like minded people, learning from others, helping others, making friends, sharing experiences and having fun. You get all of this in an online club but you also get to choose how much you want to be involved.

In an actual club, you have to be brave and walk in for the first time not knowing anyone and let yourself get pulled into the middle of it all, even if inside your squirming.

In an online club you can lurk quietly on the edges and no one will ever know you are there. If that is how you like it, then lurk away, but if you are just shy and don’t know how to join in, just take one step at a time. Reply to a comment, voice a little opinion or submit a challenge entry. But do it at the pace that feels good to you. I promise no one will look up and stare like they would do in an actual club.

Right, enough of the waffle, just press the button and come and join us!