Nothing says birthday like sprinkles do – they make any cake cake look like a celebration. Our Sprinkles cakes are available in two different styles – Classic Sprinkles and Special Sprinkles.

Classic Sprinkle and Special Sprinkle Cake from Completely CAked

Our Classic Sprinkles is two layers of 7 inch sponge, filled and topped with frosting, and decorated with a huge puddle of sprinkles in the middle. The sprinkles can be multi coloured or one colour.

Our Special Sprinkles cake is two layers of 7 inch sponge, filled and fully covered in frosting and decorated in sprinkles in the colour of your choice.

Classic Sprinkles is £14

Special Sprinkles is £26

Available as either Vanilla ( with or without jam) or Chocolate.

Available as Gluten Free, Gluten and Dairy Free or Gluten Free and Vegan.

Add an extra level of special to your cake by adding a cake topper, available in silver, gold, blue or pink for just £4.

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