Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I order a cake from you?

​Drop us a message on Facebook or Instagram or sent an email over to us at

Q. Are you cakes soya free?

​Some of the cakes we take to markets with us will be soya free. We try to have at least 2 options that are gluten and soya free and vegan. Custom ordered cakes can easily be made soya free. Please note, soya free cakes contain nuts as they are made using almond milk.

Q. Can you do Vegan and Gluten Free Cakes?

​Again, this is another range that we are always ​expanding on the market stall. We usually have 4 or 5 cakes that are both, but all of our custom order range can be made in both.

Q. Im looking for a special celebration cake, can you do this?

​We do offer a range of celebration cakes but while they are yummy they are pretty simple in style. I class myself as a baker rather than a cake decorator, but you can check out our range here.

​Q. What market are you at next?

​Have a look at our Markets and ​Festivals page to see where we can next be found.

Q – Do you delivery to my area?

Click Here to have  look at our delivery areas, if your unsure if we do delivery to you, just drop us a message.

Q – How much is delivery?

Our delivery charge depends upon which delivery zone you live in, and whether you are ordering a Treat Box or a Special cake. Click Here, to have a look at all of our delivery information.

Q – Can I collect my cake from you?

Currently collection is unavailable due to COVID restrictions. As soon as we can we will start offering collection from Llanelli again.

Q. Where can I buy cake right now?

​You can get your hands on some cake at any of our markets, check out the Markets and Festivals page. Or you can order from our custom range – check that out here.or you can order one of our Treat Boxes – check them out here!

Q. Can I order a box of 6 different flavoured Cupcakes?

​Im afraid not. A box of 6 cupcakes comes as one flavour or you could order one of our Cupcake Gift Boxes, they have 3 different flavours in them. If your wanting a mixed box have alook at our Treat Boxes. For these you can choose any 6 cakes from the range on offer.

​Q. How much notice do you need to make a cake or box of cupcakes?

​A week’s notice would be lovely but always drop us a message and if we can manage your order we will get you booked in.

Q. Are your cakes 100% free from the allergen?

The ingredients in our cakes are 100% free from the mentioned allergen however, all allergens are used in our kitchen in other products. We have robust standards in place and take every care to reduce the risk of cross contamination.