Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I order a cake from you?

​​Unfortunetly, at this time we are unable to take any orders.

Q. Are you cakes soya free?

As standard the majority of our cakes have soya in, but​ it's an ever expanding range. We always have at least one or two that are dairy free and soya free.

Q. Can you do Vegan and Gluten Free Cakes?

​Again, this is another range that we are always ​expanding on the market stall. We usually have 4 or 5 cakes that are both.

Q. Im looking for a special celebration cake, can you do this?

Im afraid we are bakers and not cake decorators, our cakes taste amazing and are free from certain allergens but they are pretty standard in style.

​Q. What market are you at next?

Im afraid all markets, festivals and events are cancelled until further notice.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page ​for updates.

Q. Where can I buy cake right now?

​​Unfortunately you can only buy our fabulous cakes direct from us at market or festival ​so that means no where right now.

​Instead check out The Recipe Box, we can help you learn to make your own!

Q. Are your cakes 100% free from the allergen?

The ingredients in our cakes are 100% free from the mentioned allergen however, all allergens are used in our kitchen in other products. We have robust standards in place and take every care to reduce the risk of cross contamination.