A creamy gateau with strwberry curd and a fresh strawberry | www.completelycaked.co.uk

​Our Dessert Gateau mean you no longer have to say no to dessert. You too can enjoy a creamy sweet pudding at the end of your meal.

Our Gateau's are 3 layers of sponge, filled with a curd or sauce and smothered in our Whipped Vanilla Bean Topping, finished with flavour relevant decoration.

They are available in 7 inch or 10 inch and across all of our ranges. Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Gluten and Dairy Free. Vegan. Vegan and Gluten Free.

​A 7 inch Costs £15 and can easily feed 10-12

A 10 inch costs £25 and can easily feed 16-20

Flavours include:

Strawberries and Cream ( Pictured Above)



White Chocolate and Raspberry

Chocolate and Hazelnut

Black Forest.

The difficult bit is choosing a flavour!