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​​Welcome To Our Cake Club

  • Are you fed up of bad supermarket  Gluten Free or Vegan Cake?
  • ​Are you fed up of not being able to get Good Vegan or Gluten Free cake easily?
  • Do you ever wish a box of cake would just turn up at your door?

​Time Left To Sign Up For Our ​​​​May Box.......


​Our Boxes....

* ​​Contain 6 different flavour cakes*
​* Available in Vegan or Gluten and Dairy Free*
* ​Monthly Themes to Create Wide Variety*
​*Delivered ​Direct To Your ​Door, Thanks To Royal Mail*
​​​*Are a Mid-Month Pick Me Up*
​*Delivered 3rd Friday** of Every Month*
​*Are Very Eco-Friendly - The box and tissue paper can be recycled and the greaseproof paper and wood wool are bio-degradable*
​*Only £1​2 plus £3.95 Postage and Packaging, when you sign up to an ongoing subsciption*

​** Most Months we will deliver on the 3rd Friday, but in December 2018, February and April 2019 we will move the date by a few days to be more suitable for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter Weekend. You will be notified of exact delivery date via email.

​Our monthly boxes are aimed at providing you with an alternative to bad supermarket free from cake as well as a lovely mid month pick me up.

​​On the 3rd Friday** of every month we will deliver you one of our monthly boxes direct to your door.

​Each box will contain 6 different slices of cakes.

​Each month will have a theme, ​they will be inspired by Halloween, Christmas, ​Old School Cake, Desserts and many more.

​The cakes will be made fresh, just for you, ​so will last at least 5 days. If you want to make them last a bit longer just pop them in the freezer and pull them out one at a time.

​Delivery ​to ​anywhere in the United Kingdom

​Available as a one time order or as a subscription box.

​​​​Every flavour is baked in our individual tray bake squares. The box above is our Chocolate Box.

​​Our Cakes are wrapped individually in our bio-degradable greaseproof to keep them fresh

​The Cakes are securely packaged in wood wool to avoid any disasters

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