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Gluten Free Lemon and Blueberry Muffins | Completely Caked
Jan 23

5 Favourite Fruit and Cake Combinations

By Val | It’s a Cake Life

Fruit and Cake Combinations January is typically the time when a lot of people are trying to eat more healthily after the excesses of the festive period.  It always seems like the month of doing without. You do without going out as payday is still a long way off, you are doing with alcohol as […]

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Aug 28

5 Basic Baking Terms Explained

By Val | Nuts and Bolts of Baking

Have you ever picked up a recipe, bought the ingredients and then gone to make the cake and not really understand what you are meant to do? You are not alone, some terms can be quite confusing but today I will explain exactly what you should be doing with these 5 basic terms that you […]

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Mar 05

Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday?

By Val | It’s a Cake Life

Do you know your Mothers Day from your Mothering Sunday? People often use the two terms interchangeablly without realising they are actually refering to two different days. Here in the United Kingdom we celebrate Mothering Sunday, despite all the retails giants saying otherwise in their advertising. Mothers Day  is what is celebrated in the United […]

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