Aug 28

Have you ever picked up a recipe, bought the ingredients and then gone to make the cake and not really understand what you are meant to do? You are not alone, some terms can be quite confusing but today I will explain exactly what you should be doing with these 5 basic terms that you will come across time and time again.

These terms are the same whether you are baking regular or Free From cake.

CREAM- This is used in relation to what you need to do to your butter ( butter substitute)and the sugar. You need to put your butter and sugar in a bowl and whisk (also known as beat), preferably with an electric whisk until it goes pale and fluffy. This will take a good 3 to 5 minutes. You will be able to clearly see the difference, some butters even go almost white. Your cake will not forgive you for cheating on this stage.

GREASE AND LINE – This is what you need to do to your tint get it ready for the batter. Wipe a dollop of dairy free spread around your tin using a piece of greaseproof paper. Pay attention to the corners. Then cut out the correct sized piece of greaseproof paper and place inside the tin to provide a liner between the cake tin and the cake batter. Watch the videos below to see how to line a square and a round tin

FOLD IN – This is a way of combining 2 ingredients, without knocking any air out of the mixture. This requires patience. Using a flat spatula, fold the bottom of the mixture up and over the top of the mixture. Twist the bowl do the folding motion again. Repeat until the ingredients are combined.

RUB IN – This is another way of combining 2 ingredients. It involves rubbing the fat into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs, and the fat is fully coated in flour. You achieve this by rubbing the fat and flour between your fingertips and thumbs, using a similar emotion to clicking your fingers.

COMBINE – Another way of mixing 2 ingredients. This means mix the ingredients until they are just combined. Once they are combined, stop. Your cake will thank you for showing restraint.

Just doing these simple actions correctly will make a big difference to your cakes, I hope the explanations will help improve your baking.

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