Val and Izzy behind the Completely Caked Market Stall at Swansea Marina Market

After an on again off again kind of year last year with our regular markets, I am hoping this year may fare a little better. So far, none of the bigger food festivals are even entertaining releasing dates, as they have no idea what will be happening 2 months from now let alone 5 months from now, so like everything else, food festivals are a wait and see.

However, our smaller, local food markets are a little more secure. Currently we have dates for February’s markets, but I think it could all change when we get the next announce to at the end of January. If we remain in lock down, then I highly doubt the markets will be going ahead, but if restrictions start lifting, we may be lucky enough. Keep your fingers crossed.

Currently this year we plan to be at 2 markets on a monthly basis:

Swansea Marina Market – 2nd Sunday of every month – Dylan Thomas Square – 10am till 3pm

Port Talbot Market – last Thursday or every month – Station Road – 3pm till 7pm

As soon as I know more, you will know more, in the mean time you will just have to order a Treat Box and let us bring the goodies to you!

Val x